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TIME for Underprivileged

We have helped 360 children so far, many of them whom were critically ill and whose families could not afford life support at private hospitals were supported by the foundation with medical and emergency intensive care and financial assistance under TIME for children program.

Name and details of the Foundation’s recent beneficiaries

Name: B/O Vijaya Lakshmi

Date of Admission: 07/10/2019

Amount donated: Rs 1,00,000/-

Diagnosis: Extreme Preterm (28 Weeks) Extreme Low Birth Weight (ELBW) / Intra Uterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) Received Surfactant & Invasive Ventilatory Support initially and later on Non-Invasive Ventilatory support. Severe Sepsis / Shock / Coagulopathy / Thrombocytopenia Neonatal Jaundice

Name: Johny Vishvaas

Date of Admission: 22/08/2019

Amount donated: Rs 1,50,000/-

Diagnosis: 2yrs old boy case of severe pneumonia, left upper lobe emphysema. (s/p decortication, sepsis, Anemia, failure to thrive). He is on IV linezolid IV cefepime & Imipenem.

Name: D. Sowjanya

Date of Admission: 08/10/2019

Amount donated:  Rs 50,000/-

Diagnosis: Severe dengue hemorrhagic fever, ARDS with pulmonary edema, Liver dysfunction with coagulopathy & Sepsis

Name : Devanshu

Date of Admission: 24/09/2019

Amount donated:  Rs 50,000/-

Diagnosis: Complicated right lower lobe pneumonia with Empyema, S/P right video assisted thoracoscopy (VATS)+ Decortication of right pleura+ Inter Costal Dain (ICD) was places on 10/10/2019 Dengue with warning signs resolved.

Name : Bablu

Date of Admission: 11/01/2020

Amount donated: Rs. 50, 000/-

Diagnosis: Very severe pneumonia- ARDS on HFOV support, Right Pneumothorax- S/P ICD Placement, Severe Sepsis with shock, Dengue shock syndrome, Transaminits, Anemia- S/P PRBC Transfusion

Total number of children impacted: 360


My Child Health

Summary of the Preventable Illnesses Identified by our comprehensive screening:


Anthropometry / Growth & Nutrition Assessment

  • 7.4% - Thinness / Underweight

  • 10.67%- Overweight

  • 5.33%- Obese

Blood Pressure (Childhood Hypertension)

  • 3.93% had childhood hypertension

Eye Disorders / Optometry

  • 10.71% Astigmatism (Abnormality in visual depth perception)

  • 9% Myopia (Short Sightedness)

  • 0.25% Hyperopia (Long Sightedness)

Hearing Disorders / Audiology

  • 3.25% Hearing Defects

Dental Illnesses

  • 36.22% - Caries

  • 30.6% - Gums / Periodontal Disorders


  • Anemia- 5.93%

  • Allergies- 1.7%

  • Vitamin Deficiencies- 1.55%

Child Psychology

  • 4.5%- Psychological conditions – ADHD, Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Intellectual Disorder

9366 Government & Private school children have been screened across four states in India (Telangana, Maharashtra, TamilNadu & Karnataka) under “My Child Health”. Following are the Schools that have opted for My Child Health screening program

School name                                                                        No. of Schools      Strength

Kondapur School, Telangana                     Private                     1                         983

Gachibowli school, Telangana                   Private                     1                         143

KGBV & ZPHS schools in                           Govt                        16                       2938
Mahabubnagar, Telangana

Baghlingampally school,                           Private                     1                          136

Shaikpet school, Telangana                      Govt                        1                          120


Kalambur School, Tamil Nadu                  Govt                        2                         1500

Davangere School, Karnataka                  Private                     3                         2105

Yavatmal School, Maharastra                   Private                     1                         1441 

                                                                    TOTAL                    26                        9366

Total number of children impacted thus far: 9336

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